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How Golden Roots Kitchen Uses Bottle to Build Community

For founder Melanie Geist, a prepared healthy meal service is about much more than food.

Emily Wilson 19 Jan 2022 • 5 Min Read

How Mona Lipson is Building a Community Supported Treats“ Business in Brooklyn

Hint: it all starts with ice cream.

Emily Wilson 14 Jul 2021 • 10 Min Read

Packaging for Delivery in the Zero Waste Economy

These innovative companies are creating sustainable solutions for delivery.

Emily Wilson 29 Jun 2021 • 3 Min Read

Which Type of Ghost Kitchen is Right For You?

Shadow restaurant? Food brand incubator? Commissary kitchen? Virtual-only concept?

Emily Wilson 29 Jun 2021 • 4 Min Read

The New Food Economy is Here

It’s easier and more affordable than ever to test and launch a food business.

Emily Wilson Andy Blechman 26 May 2021 • 4 Min Read

It’s Easier Than Ever to Start and Grow a Successful Pizza Brand

From innovations in the kitchen to advancements in ordering technology, here’s why pizza is the undisputed king of takeout and delivery.

Emily Wilson 21 May 2021 • 7 Min Read

The Power of Drops for Local Businesses

How a drop-based business model fuels creativity, consistency, and community.

Emily Wilson 21 Apr 2021 • 3 Min Read

The Market For Homemade Food is Here: How Foodnome, Minimart, and Bottle are Empowering Home Cooks

While Covid has caused all sorts of trials and tribulations, one silver lining is how it’s given many of us more time to explore our identities as home cooks.

Emily Wilson 23 Nov 2020 • 4 Min Read

How Patreon Uses Memberships to Power and Monetize The Creator-Fan Relationship

A membership model exists when customers make a commitment to a business in exchange for access or value. One example is subscriptions, which require individuals to pay a recurring fee to receive unlimited content or regular deliveries of product.

Emily Wilson 18 Nov 2020 • 5 Min Read

How 9 Miles East Uses Bottle for Pre-Ordering, SMS Marketing, and A VIP Membership Club

How this multi-channel food operation uses the power of text and pre-ordering to sustain and grow their local food economy.

Emily Wilson 26 Oct 2020 • 5 Min Read

Our Story

How Andy met Will, and Bottle was built.

Will Schreiber Andy Blechman Emily Wilson 15 Oct 2020 • 3 Min Read

How Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Panera Drive Loyalty With Memberships

Why the membership model is a win-win for coffee drinkers and local coffee shops.

Emily Wilson 13 Oct 2020 • 4 Min Read
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