Bakers on Bottle: Streamline and Expand Your Weekly Bread Sales

Are you a bakery that’s bringing pieces of your sourdough starter, or a farmer that just harvested the first of the season’s asparagus? A personal text to your list of regulars goes a long way to build friendly rapport and generate increased sales.

Emily Wilson 04 May 2020 • 3 Min Read

Bread is the foundation of so many diets. Fresh loaves are crucial sustenance for families and individuals, particularly when they’re baked by local artisans. And yet the moment when you realize you’re on your last slice rarely aligns with when you have time to swing by the bakery to restock.

Bottle helps to alleviate this pain point. It allows local businesses to receive and reply to texts with customers, send one-click ordering links, and manage weekly pick-ups or deliveries.

Whether you work out of your home kitchen, rent industrial space, or operate a bakery, Bottle empowers bakers to deepen customer relationships and generate recurring revenue.

You could send scheduled texts, crafted in your own voice, with clear CTAs to purchase to your customer base. Something like these:

Hi Alice! Our specials this week are olive focaccia and rye caraway. Click here to customize your weekly bread delivery.
Hey, John! It’s that time of the week. Fresh loaves will be coming out of the oven tomorrow. Do you want to place an order? Reply yes” or click the link below.
Same as usual this week, Neil? Let us know if your preferences or plans change here, otherwise we’ll have your regular bundle ready for pick-up by noon on Saturday.

Imagine having conversations like the below with your regular bread buyers.

What’s the best way to freeze the sourdough boule? I’m headed out of town tomorrow and can’t eat it all before I leave!

Hey Alice! I’d recommend slicing it up, then packing it into a reusable freezer bag, if you have those. Otherwise, a ziplock works well too.
Question for you! Of the pain de mie and the whole wheat, which do you think would be better for French toast?

Pain de mie, no doubt about it. It’s the perfect French toast bread. I’m jealous!

Anyone on your team would be able to man the app to reply to messages, and automated replies to common questions would keep time commitment to a minimum.

Most importantly, Bottle streamlines the workload of keeping your regulars’ bellies full of bread while simultaneously increasing sales, building loyalty, and saving you time so you can bake more.

Here’s a high-level overview of what Bottle can do:

  • Two-way SMS –> Send and receive texts from your customers, inclusive of automatic nudges to increase reorders
  • Pre-ordering –> Let your regulars place orders in advance
  • Subscriptions and one-time orders –> Offer customers the option to order à la carte or sign up for a recurring subscription
  • Auto deadlines –> Enable cut off times so that orders only occur within a specific timeframe
  • Fulfillment reminders –> So customers know when it’s time to order, where to pick up, or when to expect delivery
  • Menu management –> Weekly planning made simple
  • Order reports –> Receive regular summaries of your total sales, by item and for each order
  • Packing PDFs –> One-pagers to include with deliveries or ensure complete orders beforehand
  • Interactive dashboard –> Where you can easily view and modify orders
  • Loyalty –> Send referral and discount codes directly from the app