Barry’s, breakfast, and tea

This is Andy’s matcha latte. He just bought it. I like the heart. It’s productive having Andy in town.

Will Schreiber 06 Feb 2020 • 1 Min Read

This is Andy’s matcha latte. He just bought it. I like the heart.

It’s productive having Andy in town. We woke up at 5:30am this morning, made it to Barry’s Castro at 6am, grabbed coffee with Ian after the class, went to Square for breakfast at 9am, and made it into the office around 10:15am.

This morning’s class was our third day in a row of Barry’s. We’re sore.

Before yesterday’s class, we went to a café to grab a little food. As we waited for our food to come out, we started talking to the woman offering tea samples by the front door. Her family is an expert in herbal medicine, but most people don’t understand how or why it’s important to brew tea with certain herbs for 4–5 hours before drinking.

We sampled a few of the medicinal teas she’s started bottling.

I thought they were delicious.

I told her my favorite was the earthy tea. Oh, yesterday a woman took a sip and spit it out onto the ground.”

Oh wow,” I said. That’s dramatic.”

I’ve been thinking about changing the recipe for it. I’m glad you like it, I’ll take note of that.”

I want to help people like this sell their tea. There should be a way for her to cultivate an audience on mobile of people interested in hearing from her. She should take weekly or monthly orders from people interested in regularly picking up or having the teas delivered.

I’d love to hear from her and regularly buy the tea, although I don’t want to sign up for some subscription of it.

How can Bottle best help somebody sell medicinal teas on mobile — on a recurring basis without subscriptions?