Bottle Checkout

Bottle Checkout gives local food brands a unified store for selling their products direct-to-consumer, wholesale, via delivery or pickup, as part of subscriptions, or as gifts.

Will Schreiber 07 Jun 2022 • 2 Min Read


Bottle Checkout is the backbone of a local food brand’s e‑commerce strategy. It’s designed to unlock delivery, pickup, and wholesale distribution across an entire city.

Merchants are able to add new delivery routes, shipping regions, fulfillment partners, and pickup points — each with their own unique rules and order minimums — without gluing different services and tools together. 

Merchants can sort customers into one-time, membership, and wholesale groups in order to offer different pricing to different customers.

Merchants can drop a text with the right menu to the right group every week — and even autocharge subscribers — to keep customers ordering over and over again without manually spending hours emailing and texting.


Successful local food brands get distribution across their entire city by selling in many different ways. They sell wholesale, they offer in-store pickup, they hire drivers for neighborhood deliveries, they form pickup partnerships with retail businesses, they offer gifting and subscriptions, they list on third party on-demand platforms, and they ship to customers far away. 

Maximizing exposure across a city means duct taping email, Quickbooks, third party apps, and e‑commerce stores together.

Customers end up not knowing whether they’re eligible for delivery or pickup or shipping before clicking the right link to place an order. And merchants either end up with a web of tools too complicated for their lean teams to manage, or they limit their distribution to a small fraction of their city.


Bottle Checkout unifies wholesale, consumer, gift, subscription, pickup, and delivery orders into an organized, mobile-first, fast checkout flow for customers — and gives merchants a single organized production sheet each day.

Bottle Checkout does this in four ways:

  1. Makes sure customers check out with eligible products for eligible days based on their address and whether they need pickup, delivery, shipping, wholesale, or a gift order

  2. One-click enrolls customers into membership plans to build long term relationships with customers without expensive marketing or sales teams

  3. Automatically drops the right menu to the right membership group every week or every month, to keep customers ordering over and over again

  4. Batches all orders each day into a single production sheet