Working In Sales At Bottle

We’re hiring two Business Development Reps to join our team. You can learn more about the specifics and apply here. This is an amazing time to join our company.

Andy Blechman 07 Jun 2021 • 6 Min Read

We’re hiring two Business Development Reps to join our team. You can learn more about the specifics and apply here. This is an amazing time to join our company. We’ve been bootstrapped for 5 years and recently raised our first round of financing from an amazing group of investors. We’re 1–2 months away from launching a brand new product. Demand for our product is increasing and we need people to help us grow and get Bottle in more local food operator’s hands.

Sales at Bottle is all about connecting with local food owners to help them run better businesses. It’s different than other sales jobs in several ways:

  • It’s completely remote, we just ask for 4–5 hours of East Coast hours overlap.
  • You’ll be trained by and report to me, one of the founders of the business.
  • You’ll be compensated with a competitive base, but more importantly your commission structure will give you true ownership of the accounts you help us land.
  • With this account ownership model, you’ll be invested and connected to the success of local food systems.
  • You’ll get all the standard benefits (medical, dental, vision). But more importantly, you’ll grow as a person. We care about connecting Bottle to your career and individual purpose. Don’t know what those are quite yet? We’ll help you craft them!

If you’re curious about the role, this post gives a bit more detail about our mission, how we work and why we think this is a compelling opportunity: you’ll work remotely, impact local food systems and have fun selling a product that makes a difference.

Our Mission

At Bottle, our goal is to enable everyone to eat insanely good local food and produce. The best part about sales here is giving local merchants and their customers (the people ordering) software that contributes to a more resilient food system.

The local food movement is at an inflection point — the pandemic, online ordering, and the rise of DoorDash / Uber Eats have all changed the game for food owners, operators and entrepreneurs. Demand for local food is through the roof, but building a strong and durable business for boutique farmers, chefs, winemakers, bakers, picklers, and pizza makers is challenging.

To build a strong business, costs like food, delivery and kitchen space can’t crush the company. To be durable, there has to be a loyal base of customers who order over and over and over again. Bottle provides the tools to build a strong and durable food business by:

  1. Unlocking memberships for local food businesses. Memberships lock in loyal customers, facilitate pre-orders, and simplify the logistics of the business. This leads to customers that order repeatedly.
  2. Drastically reducing the complexity of online ordering for food merchants. A simple, one page checkout experience that feels like it was built for local food businesses as the first thought, not an afterthought.
  3. Enabling pre-ordering to lower overhead, reduce food waste and build better businesses.
  4. Creating a communication channel over text that builds a relationship with the customer.

How We Started and Where We’re Going

Will and I first connected when I was running a local food delivery business. He helped me build software for my business and later introduced me to the very first version of Bottle, an easy way to text my customers. After a few months testing Bottle, we decided to build the company together.

Sales were primarily founder led for the first 4.5 years. I built prospecting lists, learned from tons of sales resources, and ran dozens of tests to run a smooth sales process.

Some of the most influential resources came from Wiley Cerilli, a friend, mentor and a Bottle investor. This article on the First Round Review and his interview with Scott Britton about building a rocketship are great resources. Scott Britton’s online classes were also particularly insightful and taught me a ton. Founding Sales was particularly influential. You’ll get a sense for our foundation when you check out any of those resources.

These resources helped us derive a process driven, creative sales team. The best part is that we’re still innovating.

In July, we hired Dave as our first sales person. He started as a BDR, helping us prospect and setting up demos. He now does it all — prospecting, demos, onboarding. Our first set of hires will be supporting Dave. You’ll have the same opportunity to help us innovate a great outbound sales process. Additionally, we hope to promote BDRs to AEs within 1 — 1.5 years, maybe sooner!

Over the course of this year, we plan to add BDRs, AEs and a Head of Sales to the team. This team will be the core driver of our growth as we expand into new verticals and markets.

Working At Bottle

We’re a fully remote company with employees in the US and abroad. When you join our team, we’ll spend the first month training you on how we sell. You’ll learn about our unique process and how we create a meaningful relationship with local merchants. You’ll become an expert in our prospects’ pain points. We’ll help you start to master outreach and prospecting so you have all the tools to be a great BDR.

Once you’re trained, you’ll be selling for Bottle. You’ll have a ton of independence, with clear expectations around the process and goals needed to be successful. We’ll support you to help to produce high quality work while having time to explore other interests at Bottle and in your personal life.

You’ll be woven into our small team. While we prioritize asynchronous communication over long meetings, our culture is supportive and inclusive, with time to get to know each other. We aim for just the right balance of independence, synchronicity and connection to create a great work setup.

In order to do this role, you’ll need 4–6 hours of overlap with East Coast hours, but you can do that anywhere you’d like 🙂 .

Get In Touch and Apply

If this sounds exciting to you, we’d love to chat. You can email work@​bottle.​com with any questions or the best bet is to apply here.