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Hey there,

I’m Will, CEO here at Bottle. 

I’m assuming you’re here because it’s back - the holiday surge that is. 

Your first year it was exciting. The orders piled up and you hit your highest numbers yet. 

But the October excitement turned into stress come November, weariness during December, and pure exhaustion by January.

Product quality fell through the cracks, phones were ringing off the hooks with customer complaints, and organization became someone you only used to know.

A sense of doom now accompanies the fall months as you prepare for the logistical hell that comes with the holiday e-commerce boom, or you’re left wondering, “who’s gonna order my pies?”

But with struggle comes innovation. 

Your pies are sick. You have fans. And there’s an easy way to keep your sanity through the surge. 

At Bottle we’ve made it stupid simple to take your pie orders ahead of time and tell your customers about it

Use Bottle to stay organized, do a lot of sales, and deliver an amazing Thanksgiving to your people.