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All-in-one subscription commerce

Beautiful signup forms, online stores, and messaging tools all built together to grow your list of subscribers.

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Rebel Bread


“Our bakery engages and communicates with our customers like never before! Bottle has alleviated so many customer service headaches, and allows us to change and expand our offerings with fewer growing pains.”

What is Bottle?

Bottle is a software platform built to fundamentally change the way cafes and bakeries engage with their customers.


Bottle designs membership programs that bring customers back more often. Programs range from monthly pre-paid packages to tiered loyalty based on spend and status. 


Customers can redeem their membership rewards or pre-purchased packages online or in store - we track everything. 


Bottle seamlessly integrates with your POS. No need for complicated migrations. 

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Local Vendors

“Bottle’s focus on memberships enabled me to create the sense of community that is vital to Golden Roots Kitchen. ​It really helped push us toward more of a community-based feeling, where people were in the service, ordering every week or even three times a month.”


Golden Roots Kitchen

Use Bottle to get your community ordering over and over again.

Build a pre-paid membership program with Bottle

  • Drive increased order volume 
  • Incentive more frequent purchases 
  • Build a more direct relationships with your customers 

Sell more with memberships

  • Allow access to special member-only pricing
  • Offer different types of memberships for every customer
  • Build more predictable revenue with pre-paid, monthly packages

“Bottle has helped our growth tremendously...”

Megan, Planted Table

— doubled sales on Bottle with simplified ordering

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