Subscriptions and memberships

Get customers coming back week after week with memberships and subscriptions. Send unique checkout links to members every week. Give subscribers a customer profile to choose their meals, manage their settings, and skip orders. Offer special pricing and incentives for upgrading. And it's all built-in.


Bottle is built for fulfillment. Whether you're delivering, shipping, or offering pickup, Bottle has you covered. Set up delivery zones and fees, shipping zones and fees, and pickup locations and times. Bottle will automatically calculate the best option for your customers and your business.


Bottle supports all major payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal. Bottle also supports cash, check, and other offline payment methods. Bottle is also built for in-person payments, with a built-in POS system that works on any device.

Customer profiles

Bottle gives your customers a customer profile where they can manage their subscriptions, manage their payment methods, manage their addresses, and manage their settings. Customers can also see their order history and manage their loyalty and affiliate programs.

Affiliate and loyalty programs

Bottle has built-in affiliate and loyalty programs. Reward your customers for referring their friends, and reward them for coming back. Bottle will automatically calculate and apply discounts for your customers.

1:1 Texting

Bottle comes with a built-in phone number and fully-featured messenger, so you can text back and forth with your customers. This drastically reduces email customer support, makes your cusotmers feel loved, and since it's built-in to your store, makes driving sales really easy.


Finally. Unified data for all of your customers, all in one place. Build smart lists to segment customers. View people interact with your store. Measure ROI on ads. And so much more...


Drops are the secret sauce of Bottle. Target your members or even special lists of customers with a personalized text message that always includes a unique checkout link. The customer gets the text, taps the link, is automatically logged in and taken straight to a prefilled cart. Getting reorders has never been easier.

Automations and marketing

Stop spending hours every week manually texting customers, and stop letting abandoned carts disappear. Setup automatic order reminders, delivery reminders, abandoned cart reminders, and anything else you can dream up.

Reporting and back-office management

We've thought of everything. Product labels. Order labels. Packing sheets. Order downloads. Easy ways to integrate with routing partners. Drastically cut down on the time you're spending IN your business so you can BUILD your business.