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How the Doughnut Project Shop Built One of the Most Popular Donuts in NYC

We chat with Leslie Polizzotto, founder of The Donut Project, about her journey from practicing law to running a successful doughnut shop in New York City. They explore Leslie's innovative marketing strategies, the challenges of operating a small business, and her decision to close the shop and transition to new projects post-pandemic. The discussion highlights the importance of creativity, collaboration, and adaptability in entrepreneurship.

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How Dirty Cookie was born from Manifesting Dreams

Join us for a compelling look at Shahira Marei's entrepreneurial journey as the founder of the Dirty Cookie. Discover how she overcame significant challenges, harnessed the power of manifestation, and built a thriving global brand. Learn about her strategic decisions during crises and her effective use of networking. Shahira's story of resilience, strategic pivots, and securing key investments offers a wealth of insights into the entrepreneurial mindset. This session is designed to inspire and guide you in navigating business complexities and realizing your dreams, just like Shahira did. Tune in to unlock your potential and propel your entrepreneurial ambitions.

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How Planted Table Found Meal Delivery Success with Megan Scott

Megan Scott is the co-founder of Planted Table, one of the Bay Area’s most successful and innovative meal delivery businesses. We’ll talk about how she built Planted Table, building an environmentally sustainable business and how to use Yelp reviews to grow your business. This is sure to be an awesome chat with an incredible business owner.

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Become a PR Power House with Laura Fryer

Laura Fryer, the owner of Blue Hominy Public Relations, will be joining us on 4/11 to discuss all things PR. Laura is a PR expert who has worked with incredible food brands to boost their public profile. We’ll be discussing how to grow your brand by getting more press. This should be a fantastic talk for anyone interested in boosting their business's brand and visibility.

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Build an Effective Shipping Business with Eric Stein

Eric Stein, co-founder of Mama Meals, will be joining us on March 19th to discuss all things shipping. Founded in 2020, Mama Meals has become a powerhouse in the postpartum meal space. Eric will share lessons learned and best practices for shipping — topics will range from how to start shipping to scaling to nationwide delivery.

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