Earn a commission sharing Bottle

Do you love sharing the things you love? Do you constantly connect your friends to their needs? Are you a natural promoter? As a Bottle affiliate, you could be doing all those things while also earning a recurring commission for every food entrepreneur you send our way.

How it works

By being a Bottle affiliate, you'll have an opportunity to make passive income through our affiliate commission program.

Step 1: Get an affiliate link
We'll provide you with a Bottle hosted affiliate page that you can share with your network.
Step 2: Spread the word to earn extra income
Share your unique link and unique Bottle-hosted affiliate page on LinkedIn, social, and to your network.
Step 3: Earn!
When someone you refer signs up and starts using Bottle, we'll pay you 30% of their recurring SaaS bill and text messaging fees through the platform. So if they pay Bottle in SaaS and texting fees $10,000 annually you earn $3,000 a year for as long as they are a customer.
Unlimited referrals
The more you refer to Bottle, the greater the opportunity to earn extra money for you and your family