5 Takeaways from Chatting Google with Ben Lund


We had an awesome chat with Ben Lund last week about dominating Google as a local meal delivery service.

I had five quick takeaways after the chat

  1. Genuinely good content beats throwing a bunch of spammy/AI-driven content on your site.
  2. Backlinks (i.e. having a different website link to you) matters way less no in the Google algorithm than it used to.
  3. The highest ROI, lowest-hanging-fruit thing a meal delivery company can do is nail their Google Business profile.
    1. Google preferences nearby businesses when searching for things, especially stuff like "meal delivery services near me".
  4. Asking for reviews is worth risking negative reviews. People are generally nice on Google, and reviews really help your Google Business Profile ranking.
  5. Ads are probably not worth the investment until you've got a great site, are already winning SEO, and are able to pay an expert.

Listen or watch the full talk here: SEO and Google with Ben Lund (January 2024)

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