Fulfillment Reminders Made Easy!


We're excited to introduce an upgrade to our fulfillment process with the newly simplified Fulfillment Reminder Settings available in your dashboard. Recognizing the importance of timely and effective communication with customers, especially concerning the delivery of their orders, we've revamped this feature to make setting up reminders a breeze.

Located under the 'sell' tab and within the 'fulfillment methods' section, these settings allow you to add reminders for each fulfillment method you offer easily. With a straightforward interface, you can navigate to the 'reminders' section to configure message reminders tailored to the specific timing of your choice - whether it's on the day of the food's arrival, days before, or days after.

The default setting triggers reminders to be sent on the arrival day, but flexibility is key; you can customize this to any timeframe that suits your operational needs and enhances customer satisfaction. Simply choose when the reminder will be sent out and type your message. Our system will ensure your customers are informed about the status of their orders in a timely manner, adding an extra layer of engagement and reassurance.