New package superpowers: automatic variant selection


Packages got a huge new superpower: the ability to automatically select variants on a product based on the package. This allows you to construct menus around specific diets, specific meal sizes, and other variants where you always want a certain variant selected based on the customer's package.

Additionally, there's now an option to hide a variant selection from a customer when they're editing their cart. This is so you can attach variants for your production and pricing needs based on the customer's package - such as automatically setting all meals to "Large" if the customer is on a Large package - but not give the customer the ability to mix and match their meals.

This is a big deal for merchants who want to offer all-or-nothing variants, such as all meals have to be Large vs. Small, or all meals have to be Vegetarian. And it's also helpful if the customer just wants to make sure they're always defaulted into Gluten Free, Keto, or whatever other options they set as a default.

Let us know what you think!