Optimize Your Bottle Store to Drive More Conversions

  • Andy Blechman
    Andy Blechman

In this webinar, we reviewed strategies to optimize your Bottle store to maximize conversions for meal prep and meal delivery owners, bagel makers and all sorts of local food brands. 

You can watch the recording here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/krgraaq8p29ejuvfs0yuw/Bottle-Webinar-Optimize-Your-Store.mp4?rlkey=4a2trlmnano249hpcqfmjdnjq&dl=0

Recap and takeaways:

  1. Build a mailing list. Create a sign up form on your Bottle home page and encourage people to join a list for your meal delivery or local food brand. You can set this up using Bottle’s list building feature on your homepage. 
  2. Incentivize signups for your meal delivery and meal prep mailing list with discount codes and / or exclusive access to product drops when they sign up. 
  3. Use your advantage. Your single biggest advantage as a local business owner is relationships with customers, use lists and messaging to deepen those relationships. 
  4. Increase cart values. Use pricing tiers to incentivize higher order values and packages to make it easier for customers to associate buying meals as part of their weekly food / grocery rotation. For example, you might want to have a package called “5 days of every meal”. 
  5. Let your brand shine. Customize your store to match your brand aesthetic. 
  6. Reward your most loyal customers. Offer different pricing for customers on different membership tiers and reward people who sign up for a subscription or to be on your mailing list with perks and discounts.