New Feature! Packing Cards on Production Days


We are so excited to introduce the Packing Cards feature, a transformative tool designed to streamline your order management and packing process. Found within the orders tab of your dashboard, this innovative feature is centered around two new tabs: 'Unpacked Orders' and 'Packed Orders', each designed to optimize your production day workflow.

The heart of this update is the 'Unpacked Orders' tab, where you will find detailed Packing Cards for each order. These cards display essential information, such as the customer's name, order number, the scheduled date for fulfillment, and a breakdown of products and variants included in the order. This visual organization is crafted to aid in efficiently sorting and packing orders.

Once an order is packed, simply clicking 'Mark as Packed' shifts it to the 'Packed Orders' tab, giving you a clear view of your progress. Should you need to undo this action, the 'Mark as Not Packed' option allows for easy correction of any errors by moving orders back to the 'Unpacked Orders' tab.

The Packing Cards feature is set to revolutionize how you manage and execute your packing process, providing a more organized, efficient way to handle orders. We're eager to hear your feedback on this new addition and look forward to enhancing your production experience.