Introducing Price Lists: Set custom pricing on a per-customer basis


We're thrilled to announce a game-changing feature on Bottle: Custom Price Lists. Now, you can set special prices for individual customers or groups, perfect for wholesale deals or personalized offers.

Imagine you're selling an item for $10. With our new feature, you can assign unique pricing for selected customers using Price Lists. Simply assign a custom price to a product via a price list, such as "Wholesale Pricing," and set a new custom price. In the example video, we assign a special $8 price for the Banh Mi.

Then, assign customers to the "Wholesale Pricing" (or whatever other price list you create) and those customers will receive their customer-specific pricing on the menu.

For example, if "Will" is assigned to the "Wholesale Pricing" list, he will see the Banh Mi at the special rate of $8, realizing a $2 savings from the regular price.

The beauty of this system is its flexibility and control; prices revert to normal for everyone else, maintaining the standard pricing structure for regular customers.

Unlock new sales potentials and customer relationships with Bottle's personalized pricing—your key to a more tailored and effective sales strategy.