The March 2024 Product Release


We worked really hard in March to launch a bunch of improvements in Bottle. Matt, Alicja, and I are all really proud of everything here.

You may read between the lines here, but the new "food product" product type in particular opens up a lot of functionality that's coming in April. I'll tease two big releases at the bottom.

But first, here are 8 features we launched in March:

1. Brand new product management screen

We've completely redesigned the product management screen to make updating product descriptions, pricing, images, and more as easy as possible.

This brings the product screen inline with our updated design language and smashes a bunch of little annoyances. We think you're going to love it.

2. New "Food Product" product type

We've added the concept of a "Food Product" - which does two things. First, it lets you specify ingredients that go into the item. And second, it lets you add nutritional information about each dish.

This is a really big deal for two reasons... reasons I'll let you know in a teaser at the end of this post :)

Add ingredients to products.
Add nutritional information to products.

3. Packing cards in the dashboard to mark orders as "Packed" or "Unpacked"

This is so cool. Now you can just see all your orders for each production day, and go through one by one and mark them as packed. This is already saving Bottle merchants hours every week in the kitchen.

4. Price Lists for giving specific customers specific pricing

Merchants use Bottle to sell in the dozens of different ways they sell their food. Oftentimes this means giving some customers a special discount on specific products - even beyond what they'd typically offer a wholesale customer.

Now, you can create Price Lists and set specific prices for specific products, and then assign customers to a Price List. This is a game-changer for wholesale and specialty discount use cases. We can't wait to see how you use it. See the full feature announcement here.

5. Fulfillment method reminders

This is one of our longest-requested features... MUCH simpler fulfillment reminders. And now they're here.

For each fulfillment method and pickup location, you can set a customer reminder schedule - and we handle the rest! Just choose a time, how long before the fulfillment, and a message. Then customers will never forget to grab their meals or leave out their cooler.

6. Updated "Add Customer" flow in the dashboard

We've increased the accessibility of the "add customer" modal, and redesigned it to work better on both desktop and mobile.

7. Tip description message

8. Send a new "paid order" message automation

Now, you can send custom language every time a customer places an order. Merchants are using this to send welcome language, give specific instructions, or even just ask for feedback.

Alright, here's the April preview...

You knew this was coming. But there's THREE things we're launching with the new ingredients and nutritional information being tied to products.

  1. An ingredients shopping list so you know exactly what to buy for production day.
  2. BEAUTIFUL LABELS to put on each of our meal boxes. We cannot stress BEAUTIFUL enough.
  3. A macros breakdown on the product card during the checkout flow, so customers know exactly what they need.

Stay tuned for an equally busy April. And let us know how you love all the new toys.